(September 9, 2023 through June 3, 2024)

   5:30pm -   7:30pm
     8:00pm - 10:00pm
 12:00pm -   2:00pm
     3:00pm -   5:00pm
     6:00pm -   8:00pm
   1:00pm -   3:00pm 

Of course if your party has special needs for reservations at other times, please call us at 307-265-4214.


SPECIAL NOTICE + Holiday Hours

Our Open Skate Session from 6PM-8PM on Saturday, October 14th will be CLOSED to the General Public for skating due to the A'Salt Creek Revival Roller Derby competition (see the ad on the site).

All other Open Skate Sessions for that day are OPEN to the General Public for skating. Thank you.

We will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving - Thursday, November 23rd.

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  Wagon Wheel Roller Skating

305 Van Horn Ave - Mills, WY 82644
(307) 265-4214

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